Teaching Methods

IIT Kids is a special place for kids where they come happily and learn a lot. It has maintained the standard of excellence. It has a colourful and child friendly environment.We follow the activity based methods as per the child’s age. The activities are planned in such a way that they not only clarify the concepts but also help in the all round development of the kids.Multimedia systems are used to enable the child to feel comfortable with computers. Your child will enjoy interactive playtime and socialisation activities that corelate with our theme or art concept for the day including

1 creative movement
2 music
3 Games
4 Puppets
5 Story time

At the end of each class your child is praised for their accomplishments and is awarded a star. There is water play , sand play, field trips, festival celebrations, annual concert, sports day, colour of the month, healthy win – win competitions every month.