Director Mrs Beenu Anand


Director:(Mrs.) Beenu Anand

IIT Kids is a special place for kids where they come happily and learn a lot. It has maintained the standard of excellence. It has a colourful and child friendly environment. There are inborn / inherent qualities and talents in kids and as the name of our institute indicates , we aim at identifying and developing those qualities in the kids. The Principal and the other members our management are highly qualified in the field of education as well as in allied fields. They have vast experience in this field in foreign lands as diverse as South Africa and Australia.As teaching aids/ techniques are highly advanced , we have mastered and are applying those aids in our institutes. In Pune we have been in this field for t4e last 11 years and have earned kudos for excellence in performance. The credit goes not only to the management but also to the highly trained / qualified faculty and dedicated staff.